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Remote Access & Support / PayPal Payment page


Note: The initial consultation to outline the project plan and determine an estimate is free of charge, Please call or email us we need to know what's wrong with your computer before you make a payment.

Remote Access & Support...Click Here $25.00 Via Remote Access, our minimum charge of 20 minutes must be paid before we engage on any remote access services (You must have active internet connection to accomplish this task)

Ok so You need Remote Access Support , No Problem First you need to download a program you may already have this program if you purchased your Computer from us is called Team Viewer, download the Free version ( Personal / Non-Commercial use ). Return to this page to make a payment for your Remote Access Support .

Download TeamViewer Quick Version here (Recommended for our customers who needs support from us.) Instructions > Do you want to save this file?: Click RUN  Do you want to run this software?: Click Run Again Your TeamViewer Id#: needed so we can help you / Your TeamViewer Password: needed so we can help you.

Most issues can be resolved between 10 to 30 minutes, of course some cases may required more time depending on your issue, we will let you know before we start any remote access.


Ok I like to Buy 20 minutes only at this time of Remote Access & Support Service

20 minutes of Remote Access & Support Service ($25.00)



Ok I like to Buy 30 Minutes of Remote Access & Support Service

30 Minutes of Remote Access & Support Service ($35.00)


Payment paid via PayPal Payment Process, Fast, Easy, Safe and Secured.

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