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At Home Service / Las Vegas area only

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Service / Rates are:

Note that initial consultation to outline the project plan and determine an estimate is free of charge.

At Home / We charge $35.00 an hour for all hardware installation, wireless networking, new OS, anti-virus protection (Anti-Virus program protection, Software, Parts and Hardware are not included) and computers components set-up. Our minimum charge per project is two hours. (parts not included) $22.50 each hour thereafter.

Remote Access & Support...Click Here Support Via Remote Access, minimum charge. $25.00 for 20 minutes (must have active internet connection to accomplish this task)

Most issues can be resolved between 10 to 30 minutes, of course some cases may required more time depending on your issue, we will let you know before we start any remote access.

Ok I need Remote Access Support.

Flat Rate Fee of $75.00 per computer for removal of Viruses, Malware, Adware, Tracking Cookies and Spyware. (Anti-Virus program protection not included) $65.00 if you bring it to us, save $10.00 / pickup next day or two.

Flat Rate Fee of $85.00 per computer for password resetting. $70.00 if you bring it to us, save $15.00 / pickup next day. (Note: You may need to show proof of ownership for us to perform this task)

Please feel free to browse our computers For Sale inventory.What we will do for $65.00 Hard Drive partition, resizing, moving and copy data to new partition or new Hard Drive. (Hard Drive not included)


What we do for a Flat Rate Fee of $95.00: We will clean your Computer registry, speed up your PC, Boost  your internet speed, remove unable to load .dll errors, make your PC error free, make your PC run like new / FREE Pick-up N Delivery  (Las Vegas, Nevada Locals ONLY)

If we can't fix it we will not charge you anything guaranteed.


Emergency Data Destruction.

Selling or Recycling your computer? STOP before you Sell or Recycle you computer make sure is SAFE for you to do so preventing identity theft should be your number one priority if you want to sell or recycle a computer YOU must make sure your hard drive is completely clean and   ALL your personal information is properly destroyed specially if you are going to recycle your computer.

WARNING regarding this service, everything will be erase including your operating system.

We can do this service for $55.00 per computer. At home Locals only.


  We can built your own computer for $135.00 Flat Rate Builders  Labor Fee (parts, hardware, software. monitor and operating system not included) average cost including our flat rate fees, parts, software and operating system will cost you between $425.00 to $2,500 just like buying a new car more bells and whistles more money of course. 50% down payment required on ALL Custom-Built.

One Year Warranty on parts and labor for All Custom-Built Computers.

Free Delivery for Las Vegas, Nevada Locals. 

Thank You